make way for the latest new zealand breakouts.

by liza darwin

New Zealand has recently planted itself firmly on the pop music map thanks to Lorde--but it's thanks to the newest Kiwi breakouts, Broods, that the country's reputation as a hotbed of indie talent isn't going anywhere. The brother-sister duo have plenty in common with the "Royals" singer, sharing producer Joel Little and a seemingly out-of-nowhere emergence. But really, Caleb and Georgia Nott have been quietly working on their bewitching sound for several years now.

"Caleb and I have always played music together since we were little, and we were just writing together and eventually began working with Joel," Georgia explained. "All of a sudden, we happened to write quite a good song." This song is question? "Bridges," a stunning synth-pop gem that sucks you in and freezes you in place by the time Georgia's chorus kicks in. It's an icy-cool combo that draws comparisons to everyone from Imogen Heap to London Grammar: a little bit dark, slightly sad, and decidedly deeper than the soaring chorus and the fluttery electro inflections imply.

Just ask Georgia, who says the song recollects a tough time in her life. "It's about going through the rough patches where you don't really know how to handle things apart from run away. That was my reality a couple of years ago, and I basically had to write a song about it." 

Now the siblings have a freshly-inked deal with Capitol Records, a new EP out next year, and a new video for "Broods." All happy things, but that's not stopping Georgia from her fave hobby, binge-watching sad movies. "For me, the ideal place to listen to Broods would be in a soundtrack of a movie because its' just so much dramatic to see it in a sad scene," she said. "I think it would be really cool to do a really depressing movie that makes you bawl your eyes out. My Sister's Keeper, those types--I love that. "