Bryce Fox’s Video For “Horns” Is The Best Kind Of Nightmare

Watch this with the lights on

You know that lover who’s bad for you, but you pursue anyway despite the flagrant warning signs? Yeah, sure, we’ve only read about those toxic people in stories, too. Well, they’re also the subject of L.A. singer Bryce Fox’s “Horns” music video.

The video falls in line with the dark, aggressive nature of the lyrics and Fox’s vocals. “Hey! In her heart, there's a hole/ There's a black mark on her soul/ In her hands is my heart,” he belts out over roaring drums and electric guitar. 

Black-and-white scenes are juxtaposed with shots of diluted pupils, individuals with masks, and a sultry red-garbed blonde. Spoiler: There are no horns or actual fire-breathing present, but pretty much everything else dark and demonic you picture while listening to the song is. It’s like 50 Shades gone awry.

Fox told us via email about the concept behind the video, saying that he and the director "wanted to take an artistic approach to the theme of ‘selling your soul to the devil,’ mixing in tons of voodoo, sex, and submissiveness, but leaving a lot up for interpretation.”

Watch the frantic video above and get those theories about devil worship ready.