In Bryde’s Video For “Help Yourself,” She’s Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Premiering right here

Sarah Howells is a Welsh singer and songwriter who, after building a career as one-half of the indie folk duo Paper Aeroplanes, has, for her solo project, rechristened herself as Bryde. It's a sparse and raw name, befitting of the austere music she makes. Last December, Bryde debuted her first single, "Wait," which you can check out here. Her second single, "Help Yourself," is an Alanis-esque screed against a former (or soon-to-be former) lover. "You're just waiting for it all to end, and it gets bitter in the end my friend," she sings, with growing ferocity. The song's video, which is premiering right here, sees Howells in the woods, in a bathtub filled with darkened water and a metal can dangling above her head, as if she's trying to communicate with someone she can't quite reach.

Howells debut EP as the Bryde, fittingly titled EP1, is scheduled for release later this month. According to her Facebook page, Bryde will be playing a sold-out show in London on May 14, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, check her out.

Watch the video for "Help Yourself," below.