buckler’s chapped skin remedy by the motley

Put an end to chapped skin…

by Christian Lavery

Joining a superior knowledge for products with swift customer service, The Motley is an all-inclusive one-stop shop for everything grooming-related. Creating a carefully curated selection of goods, every one of their products is not only of the highest quality, but their team has tested each of them to ensure that they work. One of their most sought after products: Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy. Designed for feet, elbows, and all areas prone to dryness, this moisturizer is a non-oily and fragrance-free formula that provides deep hydration to guard skin from the effects of the elements. Filled with plenty of nutrients, the skin remedy is perfect as the weather begins to transition and the cold weather starts to creep on in. Buy yours HERE. But before you do, feel free to read some of the comments left by other customers on the product page. If you find a negative one, let us know.