the best music of 2010, in all in one amazing website.

by liza darwin

Let's be honest: we've all spent hours (um, even full days) listening to the thousands of songs on The Hype Machine. But leave it to the awesome music aggregator to create a whole new website that blows even itself out of the water.

The Music Blog Zeitgeist is an annual roundup of the best-loved songs, artists, and albums of 2010, gathered from the online music community. Think of it as the "most popular" list where you can get artist info, download singles, and even listen to full albums without ever leaving the page.

The perfect soundtrack to long days at the office, studying in the library, or just life, this is a curated music list where you're pretty much guaranteed to love each and every track.

Check it out here....and prepare to zone out to total music bliss.