This Drugstore Chapstick Is Saving My Life This Winter

Don’t sleep on this: Burt’s Bees

by Hafeezah Nazim

Friends don’t let friends miss out on all the cool, under the radar things they know about, like where to buy ultra-fashionable clothes at decidedly non-runway prices or which little-known beauty brand is low-key making the best highlighter around. And because we consider our readers to be like friends, we decided to gather together all our best tips in a new series: Don’t Sleep on This. Check in every week to see what things we can’t wait to share with you.

I have dry-ass lips. This statement is not an exaggeration, but a simple fact. And due to my condition of having, well, dry-ass lips, I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of spending, at this point, probably hundreds of dollars worth on various lip balms, glosses, oils, and scrubs trying to get my lips to stop feeling like two pieces of rigid sandpaper—for good.

Does this sound dramatic? Well, it is. There have been countless times where I’ve been in lip-splitting pain after being without lip balm for just an hour. There have also been instances in my life where I’ve had to brave literal blizzards and head to a local drugstore to get my hands on something, anything that would make the throbbing pain go away.

I’ll admit that the majority of the products I’ve previously used held me and my lips down for an hour or so out of my day, but nothing seemed to be as long-lasting as I wanted. That is, until I tried Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm for the first time last summer.

And I know—I’m really late to the Burt’s Bees game. The company, which has been around since before I was even born, prides itself on using natural ingredients—and it shows. Its famed beeswax lip balm is the only product I use for my lips and is truly the only one I can rely on. You could say it was love at first swipe. It's also important to note that I'm prone to getting cold sores during the winter, and since using the company's Original Beeswax Balm and Medicated Balm on rotation, I haven't had an outbreak since.

So, thank you Burt's Bees. I am now a proud member of your #BeeHive.