Watch Kristen Stewart + Jesse Eisenberg In The Trailer For Woody Allen’s Latest Film ‘Cafe Society’

Should you watch?

by daniel barna

No matter what you think about Woody Allen, not only will he continue to make movies, but he'll get the biggest stars in Hollywood to topline them. The latest example is Cafe Society, a 1930s period comedy about a young New Yorker who travels to Hollywood and gets swept up in the spirited cafe culture that was a quintessential part of Los Angeles back then. This time around, it's Jesse Eisenberg who plays Allen's young proxy, and Kristen Stewart who plays the requisite love interest. 

A bevy of acting MVPs round out the cast, including Corey Stoll, Parker Posey, Blake Lively, and Steve Carell, which proves once and for all that Hollywood has forgiven Allen for the acts of abuse he is said to have committed. Yes, the film looks great. Most of Allen's films do. And, when it opens the 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival next month, most of the press coverage surrounding Cafe Society will focus on the performances, the witty dialogue, and what Stewart wore to the premiere. 

It's just another page in Hollywood's ongoing compliance in the Sainthood of Allen, and until audiences stop watching Allen's films, he won't stop making them. 

Watch (or don't) the trailer for Cafe Society, above.