can coffee shampoo fix damaged hair?

by liza darwin

We confess: We're major coffee addicts. Whether it's hot, blended or iced, we count on the drink to jolt our minds and bodies out of drowsy sleep-mode. But for Barista Bath and Body, our breakfast staple is more than a necessary morning pick-me-up: it's a key ingredient to better hair.

We tried the coffee-based beauty line's shampoo and conditioner, which promise to repair dull hair and restore moisture by removing impurities. And after using the products just once, our hair felt definitely softer and looked shiner. It's impossible to say whether the caffeine actually "energized" our locks (another claim), but the java scent smells totally amazing.

So even though we're not replacing our daily cup anytime soon, this is one kick of caffeine we don't mind adding to our morning routine.

$16 each at B3 products

Writer Liza Darwin

A close-up of Liza's hair after using the shampoo and conditioner