pac sun joins the manicure game.

by faran krentcil

Getting your skate deck and your nail polish from the same place might seem a little weird, but since Pac Sun is basically a supermarket of youth culture, it's now possible to score both from the store.

This week, Pac Sun introduces nail wraps from Black Poppy, the in-house label that also makes the shop's cult $30 fringe purses. Right now, they're available in a glittery mosaic pattern and in a solid lemon-lime neon; each costs $6.50 but if you buy one, you can get the second for $3.25.

(And if you're in the mood for DIY, the day-glo ones can be illustrated with cats, flowers, stars, or the classic L-O-V-E H-A-T-E with a thin-tipped Sharpie.)

Pac Sun nail wraps, $6.50 for one pack, $9.75 for two packs, available in stores and online.