Camille Seydoux Gives Us The Deets On Her Roger Vivier Collection

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    by · March 07, 2016

    The following feature appears in the March 2016 issue of NYLON.

    After studying philosophy and English literature, French fashion It Girl Camille Seydoux delved into the advertising world, opened an art gallery, and even dabbled in interior design before fate ultimately intervened. Her sister, actress Léa Seydoux, was in desperate need of something to wear to the 2011 César Awards. When Camille managed to procure the perfect Elie Saab gown, she became Léa’s stylist, and soon after, started working with major fashion houses to design custom dresses for some of the biggest names in entertainment. This season, Seydoux has sharpened her design skills by creating an exclusive capsule collection for Roger Vivier. Putting her own twist on the brand’s iconic Prismick line, the collection—which features platform sandals, ankle boots, a shoulder bag, and a mini-drawstring bag—showcases the most wearable fabric in history: denim. Here, we get all the details from Seydoux herself.

    Check out what Seydoux had to say about the collection after the jump.

    What draws you to the aesthetic of Roger Vivier?

    The first time I really fell for Vivier was at a fashion shoot for L’Officiel de la Mode. The fashion editor had a little black Prismick that I absolutely loved. I’m addicted to bags! I even have them hanging from the walls at home like objets d’art. I’ve always considered Roger Vivier to be a very chic Parisian accessories house with a powerful legacy. After working more closely with the Maison, I discovered that it is also really unpretentious and very sincere. Its identity is immediately recognizable, but it never only relies on that—it is continuously searching for a creative and modern edge.

    What kind of research did you do for this collection?

    We decided that my collection would be dedicated to the 2012 Prismick line, which is one of my favorites. I began by attentively exploring my own Prismick bag, which features a melting fade of black and gray. I wanted to work on the idea of facets that make up grades of shading. I looked through the Maison’s archives and thought of denim.

    How did denim’s utilitarian history influence your designs?

    Denim is a fabric that naturally burnishes. It’s both classic and modern, and is very resistant. I had a look at the different ways of treating denim throughout the history of fashion, with style icons like Jane Birkin and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.

    Did having a strong knowledge of styling help with the design process?

    It did! I had some ideas in mind and I thought about a mini-collection plan: ankle boots, high-heel sandals, a classic bag, and a smaller evening bag. Then I worked hand in hand with the studio—there were so many details to figure out. I wanted a pink leather interior for the bag for a little hidden impertinence. I also made the shoe’s insole pink—that’s my signature!

    How do you imagine this collection being worn?

    The boots are adorable with an A-line miniskirt or a little lace dress, but they can also be super fashionable when mixed with very strong, ’70s-style prints. You can be a fan of black and wear the Prismick bag to shake up your outfit. It’s also very chic and contemporary with an all-over denim look. For a ladylike look, you can wear the sandals with a preppy little dress, or be more rock ’n’ roll with socks, capri pants, and the Miss Viv’ bag with fringes, for example. It’s unconventional and electrifying.

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