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What to Buy Your Favorite Cancer

Watch them come out of their shell with these picks

by christie craft

When the summer hits its height and the sun is stationed in steady, caring Cancer, the Season of the Crab is upon us. Although one of the more introverted personalities, these wonderful water signs still like to party—albeit, in their own way: Making memories with a handful of closest buds in an intimate setting (preferably with bottle service—don’t cross the velvet rope without being invited, though!).

But if you’re lucky enough to be counted as one of a Moon Baby’s most beloved, cherished friends, well, you’re basically family. No doubt, you’ll be invited into Cancer’s cozy, ultra-private home—or boudoir, if the stars shine on you fortunately this birthday season, if it’s like that—for a warm, sentimental, and totally saccharine celebration. Don’t come empty-handed, though. Emotive Cancer wants you to make a point of remembering their fine tastes. Ahead, the best birthday gifts to make any one of your Cancerian-born companions howl at the moon.

Photo courtesy of The Bouqs

White Flowers

Lovely and sentimental, Cancer is a sucker for beautiful flowers, especially when they’re delivered directly to their home. Go with a unique arrangement of luminous, white or pale-colored blooms resembling the moon’s glow—Cancer-born people are ruled by the moon, so they feel an instant emotional connection with the ethereal in nature. You’re bound to clock extra points for a selection that’s sustainable and environmentally sound, like this gorgeous arrangement from Bouqs.

Bouqs, “Faithful” Bouquet, $50 to $80, available at Bouqs.

Photo courtesy of Lumens

Slow Coffee Carafe Set

A little-known fact about Cancer natives and those born with a crabby rising sign: They flip for coffee. I know what you’re thinking: Who doesn’t? But Cancer-born folks’ ardor for the best brew surpasses most, especially when they can relish making their own at home, the good old-fashioned slow way.

Lumens, Slow Coffee Style Carafe Set, $41.25, available at Lumens.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Books of Poetry

Cancers are notorious for their sensitivity and powerful emotions. These deep-feeling water signs often need to compartmentalize their emotional responses, channeling strong waves of intuition and sentimentality regularly so that they don’t cause a flood. What better way to feed Cancer’s big heart than with poetry?

Poems That Make Grown Women Cry by Anthony and Ben Holden, from $13.99, available at Amazon.

Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire, from $4.75, available at Amazon.

Ariel by Sylvia Plath, from $2.99, available at Amazon.

Photo courtesy of Kigurumi Shop

Plush Loungewear

If there’s one thing Cancer is known for, it’s their supernatural ability to chill—hard. These domestic-minded water signs love nothing more than a night at home, cozied up in their fave lounge gear. Kigurumis are just the ticket to warming their heart and bringing a smile to their face.

Kigurumi Shop, Black Cat Kigurumi, $59.99, available at Kigurumi Shop.

Photo courtesy of Moon Flower Company

Bath Bombs

Being a water sign, Cancers are well-known devotees of a good soak in the tub. Even better, these small-batch, organic, cruelty-free aromatherapy bath fizzies are made with the moon in mind—a special touch no Cancer will be able to resist.

Moon Flower Co., Bath Bomb Gift Set of Six Fizzies, $17.95, available at Moon Flower Co.

Photo courtesy of Agent Provocateur

Ethereal Lingerie

Should your relationship with Cancer be a little more, um, intimate, look to the boudoir for inspiration this birthday season. Sure, Cancer loves to chill, but these sweet, sensitive, and super-deep signs are pros at showing their affection physically, and just adore dressing up for the right company.

Agent Provocateur, Yoshi Gown, $290, available at Agent Provocateur.

Photo by Jingjing Song/ EyeEm/ Getty Images and Smneedham/ Getty Images

Plan a Romantic Picnic

Sometimes with Cancer, it’s not what objects you give them for their birthday, but what timeless memories you create together. Pack a cheese plate, Champagne, their favorite snacks, and a cozy blanket in your basket and head to the great outdoors—preferably, by the beach!

Photo courtesy of Bloodmilk Jewels

All Moonstone Everything

As the sign of the zodiac ruled by the moon herself, any Cancerian simply can’t help becoming bewitched by the incandescent glow of moonstone, one of the most powerful gemstones associated with Cancer the Crab.

Bloodmilk Jewels, “Belonging to The Darkness” Moonstone Ring, $210, available at Bloodmilk Jewels.

Photo courtesy of Overstock

Silver Heart Locket

Thanks to the moon’s rulership over Cancer, silver is their power color. Sensitive and intuitive, Cancer-born people are innately connected to the heart chakra and will love a sweet silver locket. Even better: Place a photo of the two of you inside if you can—their heart will melt.

Sterling Silver Heart Shaped 'I Love You' Locket Necklace, $44.99, available at

Photo Collage

Count Cancer as one of your besties and you’re bound to have shoe boxes and digital files galore just brimming with mementos and photographs of your adventures together. Those born under this sign tend to be hoarders when it comes to sentimental trinkets and keepsakes, so why not help out your crab buddy by organizing their photos into albums? Create a photo collage, of all your good times, that they can proudly hang in their home and watch the tears of joy and love flow!

Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Seaside Keepsakes

Cancer loves to pick out their own little treasures, but these water signs simply adore the efforts of others in finding thoughtful knickknacks to place on their curio shelf. Cancer-born people are innately connected to all things oceanic, so take a walk and find some unusual seashells, starfish, and unique sand dollars. If the sea is nowhere to be found near your locale, a cute vintage seashell collection or a mounted display works, too.

Photo courtesy of Peacock Alley

Luxe Bedding

Cancer plays for keeps when it comes to recharging. Ever tried to wake a Cancer? Not only will the task seem impossible, but once they’ve been roused from their usually heavy slumber, watch out! A terrible temper tantrum is about to erupt. Help your favorite crab get the rest they deserve (and so desperately need) with a set of luxe, high thread-count sheets.

Peacock Alley, Calypso Sheeting Collection, starting at $115, available at Peacock Alley.