capsule parfums

Find your scent (or scents)…

by Christian Lavery


Forget what you know about fragrances--finding a signature scent, having a dedicated cologne for each season…everything.

Capsule Parfums

, the just over a year-old company has a different vision as to how exactly you should find your scent (or should we say scents?).

Based in Los Angeles, the company was formed with the idea to create well-edited fragrances in limited series—capsules if you will--that are meant to be worn alone or layered to create a new bold and individualized combination.

All five fragrances (Urbane, Polis, Jaunt, Byway, and Moto) are available


, and make sure read on below for the pairings that work best together.

Polis + Urbane = Fresh, Musky and CitrusyByway + Urbane = Sweet and CitrusyByway + Jaunt = Sweet and WoodsyMoto + Jaunt = Dark, Woodsy and Sweet