photo by lisa maree williams/getty

cara delevingne shares her beatboxing skills with the world

is there anything she can’t do?

by lindsey lanquist

By now, everyone’s hopped on the “Cara Delevingne: Is there anything she can’t do?” train. She can model, she can sing, she can act, and while we already knew she could beatbox, we didn’t realize her skills were this intense.

The actress/model first revealed her noise-making talent last month when she shared a video of her in the recording studio with Pharrell and Justin Timberlake. But Jimmy Fallon made all our dreams come true by asking Delevingne to beatbox on his show last night. The Brit took Fallon up on his request without a moment’s hesitation, and she laid down a beat so sick that The Roots’ Tariq Trotter started freestyling over it. 

So we repeat: Is there anything, anything, Cara Delevingne can’t do? Let us know.

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