Cara Delevingne’s Christmas Was A ‘Friends’-Inspired Weirdfest

would you expect anything less?

As reported again and again, LOVE’s holiday advent calendar is the bizarre, epic, sexy gift that keeps on giving. And this Christmas, it maintained its high standards of seasonal weirdness with a video starring Cara Delevingne that charms to no end.

Much like her recent appearance at a Star Wars screening, Delevingne kept her famous face mostly under wraps, sheathing that mug of hers in a mask that recreated Monica’s famous turkey-head look from that classic Thanksgiving Friends episode. You know the one

With a voice similar to the one from Radiohead’s “Fitter Happier” narrating her day, Cara grooms, Cara cooks, Cara exercises, and Cara embraces the weird. Set to “Silent Night,” the iPhone video shot by Delevingne’s big sis, Poppy, is a Christmas card that’s 100-percent pure Cara in its nuttiness. Also, it makes us wonder: who’s that masked person in bed with her. St. Vincent? Sister Chloe? Poot? It’s Christmas mystery!