Cara Delevingne Mulberry Autumn 2014

as mulberry’s campaign princess.

DISCLAIMER: If the summer heat is getting to you, do not—we repeat, DO NOT—read any further.

Do not look at the photos of fashion princess Cara Delevingne in Mulberry's Autumn Winter 2014 campaign, decked out in lush argyles, wool kilts, plaid blankets, and thigh highs.

Do not watch the behind-the-scenes video and think that you can cuddle with puppies all day—they're just as angsty as you during a heat wave.

And do not even think about recreating her look for the next few months, even though she looks so cool and composed frolicking about the Scottish Highlands.

Do not forget that the subway's heat is virtually identical to that of Dante's Inferno.

But if you have read this far and are still willing to take the risk, click through the slideshow and watch the video below because it just might be worth it.