Cara Delevingne Is The Style Icon This Generation Deserves

    Happy 24th birthday, Cara!

    by · August 12, 2016

    Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

    Cara Delevingne came out of nowhere. Well, she came from Hammersmith, England, but it’s more that one day she wasn’t on our radar and the next day she was everywhere. For a solid four or so years, Delevingne, her infamous brows, and Cool Girl™ expressions have been peering out from the cover of just about every magazine. And we have been gazing right back, all of us secretly (or not-so-secretly) wishing to be as effortlessly cool. (Or maybe that was just me?) Comparisons to Kate Moss were inevitable because they’re both blonde, British, striking in appearance, and, at the end of the day, damn good models. But Cara is not Kate. Cara is nobody but Cara; her tongue is always planted firmly in cheek, but she still manages to be utterly sincere.

    Her personality might be easy to pinpoint, but describing her style proves to be a bit of a challenge. She can go from red carpet vamp to Hollywood vixen to street style star with a hair flip. There isn’t a style she can’t make her own; she’s a true chameleon and living icon. Cara might be part of a generation that’s difficult to define in full, but there’s no doubt that an emphasis on individuality and standing out is an important part of being a Millennial. And Delevingne embodies that, having made her personality a brand in and of itself. Her attitude remains front and center no matter if she’s dressed down in casual luxury or buttoned-up in a suit. And for that, on her 24th birthday, she deserves all the praise, because staying true to yourself is f*cking hard these days. She makes it look easy.

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