Watch Cara Delevingne in the Trailer for the Amanda Knox Film

“the face of an angel”

Even though she's been busy making musicstarring in fashion campaigns, and getting cozy with the coolest celebs ever, Cara Delevingne has had another project on the side: becoming a movie star. The 22-year-old Brit has slowly but surely made her way onto the big screen, first with a small part in 2012's Anna Karenina and most recently as the star of the latest John Green novel to be adapted, Paper Towns. Now, the bold-brow icon is back in a motion picture that looks just as dramatic as the true story that inspired it.

The Face of An Angel is a fictionalized film loosely based on the Amanda Knox case, in which a group of reporters and filmmakers tries to make major bank by digging deep into the controversial case of an British student's murder by her American flatmate while studying in Italy. Delevingne plays a student tour guide named Melanie who helps the writers and film crews as they investigate and cash in on the mystery. The psychological thriller also stars Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Brühl.

The film hits American theaters in June but will be released in the UK on March 27. Watch the trailer below.

(via The Cut)