Cara Delevingne Timeless

the model stars in timeless.

Despite the fact that her runway career is going pretty damn well so far, Cara Delevingne hasn't exactly made her acting aspirations a secret. From almost day one, the London model has made it clear that she's in the fashion business as a launching pad for something more, and judging from her new movie Timeless, this plan is 100-percent working.

She has no fewer than five movies on the horizon--including the Amanda Knox-inspired Face of an Angel-- and we have a sneak peek of her latest, the drama Timeless, right here. According toFashionista, Delevingne stars as Chloe, a young woman whose soldier fiance is off fighting in Afghanistan. The made-for-TV film premieres on the UK Sky Arts network on June 19, but catch a sneak peek of Delevingne in action below. Then, let us know: How'd she do?!