cardboard bike by irzah gafni

The $9 bike made of recycled goods…

by Christian Lavery

When it comes to cardboard, trying to break down the box that my latest Ikea cabinet came in is enough of a headache. And aside from those one-sided battles, my relationship with the heavy-duty paper product doesn’t go much further. But as for Israeli inventor Irzah Gafni, it’s clear that he has the upper hand when it comes to recyclable goods. So much so that he used cardboard, empty plastic bottles, and used car tires to craft a very rideable bicycle. Not only is it water and fire-resistant, but the bicycle is capable of supporting up to 400 pounds and costs less than whatever you decided to eat for lunch today. In hopes of getting production going on the Cardboard Bicycle, Gafni has decided to bypass venture capitlists and investors and instead hopes to raise $2 million to finance the creation. Watch the video below and put all that spare change on your nightstand in a safe space, because at $9 a bicycle, you won’t need much more. We can't wait for the cardboard bicycle to hit the streets!