say it right with carolee’s word play bracelets

wear your heart on your sleeve.

by nylon

We've all been there: Standing outside the local tattoo shop trying to decide what to get. Some people know exactly what they want, but for others, it's hard to find the right image or font to say exactly what you want the rest of the world to know. The good news? The awesome "Word Play" collection of double take bangles from Carolee is the ultimate alternative to wearing your heart on your sleeve without it being permanent. Bonus: You can scoop them up right now at your favorite Bloomingdale's location!

Choose from your BFFs initials, a smiley face, a sun, or from tons of words that could also make for a rad tattoo (think "peace," "power," "love," "hope", and more)! So whatever your story is, you can wear it, or change it, as often as you want.