cascade glacier cabin spray

You don’t have to live in the woods…

by Christian Lavery

If you love something enough, you should immerse yourself in it – and what better way is there to immerse yourself in something than by smelling like it? Well, avid hiker Hall Newbegin thought the same thing, and as a result, Juniper Ridge was born. The 15-year-old company aims at turning all the fresh, natural scents that are found in the outdoors into fragrances. And while you may think that’s basically what all fragrance companies do, to put it nicely, they don’t. Juniper Ridge harvests real plants in order to formulate a 100-percent real plant-based fragrance, in turn avoiding any and all fake ingredients. The result? A better product. Their Cascade Glacier Cabin Spray captures the essence of a mountain forest with components like real plants, bark, moss, and mushroom. It will have you feeling like a true outdoorsman, even when you find yourself stuck in an office, so check out all their natural fragrances HERE along with their large variety of other goods.