Cash Cash Link With ABIR For Your New Flaws And All Anthem

Be young, be pissed off, and stand taller

Cash Cash has a treat for you all before their debut Coachella set this weekend: "Finest Hour," featuring the singer-songwriter sensation ABIR. It's a gigantic song with an even more gigantic message, written by ABIR herself.

Look, we've all been low. We've all had days where our flaws are on display and we're spent. It's a fact of life that we're going to be imperfect from time to time. "Finest Hour" is about those moments. "It’s one of those songs every human can relate to because everyone loses control at some point when things aren’t working out as planned. Maybe it’s not getting that promotion or getting fired or losing someone," the trio tells us. Instead of wallowing in that feeling, though, Cash Cash flip it into something worth dancing to. ABIR's voice powers above the piano chords and kick drums pounding beneath her. "This song is about realizing that it’s just not your finest hour and not a true reflection of who you really are," they add. "Acknowledging that can help you heal back to the person you truly are." That and letting yourself go for three-and-a-half minutes. Sometimes throwing your hands up and letting the music wash over you is all you need to bring yourself back.

Expect to hear this and more new music when Cash Cash take over the Sahara Tent at 3:45pm PST on Friday, April 13. "We’re planning some awesome surprises during our set that will definitely make for an epic unforgettable night," they say. "You can expect some special guests and new music during our sets." A fine hour, indeed. Get a preview, below.