cashmere scented candle by wood wood

As good as the brand’s garments…

by Christian Lavery

One mention of Wood Wood, and normally, we’ll be gushing over the brand’s well-constructed, highly wearable clothing. Today, however, things are a bit different. We’re not even going to bring up the clothes -- okay, we’re lying -- we may reference them a little bit…but way less than our normal amount.

In collaboration with French company Calming Park, the two have created a unique candle inspired by the WWAW013 collection. Scented of sophisticated cashmere, the candle draws its aesthetic inspiration from the Rorschach-inspired inkblots showcased on a few garments in Wood Wood’s current collection. Packaged in a cardboard cylinder and made of organic palm, the candle supplies 40-plus hours of burn time. You can buy it HERE, and just in case you were bummed that we didn’t go in depth about the clothing line, take a look at it HERE.