catching up with rixton

The British band is buzzin’ and off on their first headlining tour…

by Christian Lavery

British band Rixton flew into New York City recently to packed shows and a platinum hit single, "Me and My Broken Heart." moreThey also have a rad new single called "Wait on Me." They’re buzzin' and busy but they took a minute to chat. Read on and catch some of their excitement. And if you see they’re coming to your town on their Broken Heart tour catch that too!You have some fans in NYC! What are some of your favorite parts of spending time in New York?The city itself is breathtaking. It's strange because living in London and seeing the city everyday you think we'd be used to it, but New York is very special to us. Our debut album was recorded here and holds our dream venue to play--MSG.How are you feeling about your song "Me and My Broken Heart" going platinum?It's too much to take in. We genuinely can't believe it. We haven't had much time off to really sit and think about it and we kind of like it that way as we want to strive for more. But for four best friends from the UK that a year ago hardly no one knew, it's overwhelming for us.You're on your first headlining tour. What do you hope to get out of this new experience?As many women on the bus as possible. Ha just kidding. (Kinda!) For us, it's all about playing fully live. We live for it. We're also adapting to the tour bus life which takes some getting used to. Especially after a few drinks. But we're seeing America and doing as many touristy things as possible.Your new single "Wait on Me" is out now. It’s awesome. Tell me a little about your writing process?It stems from an idea me (Jake) or Danny usually have. And then we all sit down and collectively finish it. Or we finish it on our own. But most ideas come from jammin' in rehearsals and we'll lay the idea down on our phones.What music, past or present, has been a great inspiration for you?It's different for us all. I grew up listening to a lot of MJ stuff but also going back to the Jackson 5 era. Lewi & Charley grew up with the pop punk scene then shifted over to the more RnB type style. But Danny has played piano since the age of 4 so he's grew up idolizing Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Elton John.There are a lot of great female musicians these days. Are there any you're listening to a lot of lately?Of course we love artists like Adele. The lady is incredible. But new stuff, we're listening to a bit of Kiesza and a girl called Jess Glynne, who features on a huge UK song 'Rather Be'. We've done a few shows with her and she's great.

-words and photo by Tina Turnbow