Cate Blanchett Plays 13 Different Characters In “Manifesto” Trailer

Those cheekbones, though.

by Lisa Eppich

Why have one Cate Blanchett when you can have 13? In filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt's latest work, the actress takes on a staggering 13 different roles—from a homeless man, to news anchor, punk, blue-collar worker, and more—that all transform her physically, vocally and emotionally. Each character delivers his or her own "manifesto," which were all taken directly from famous "art-world manifestos" in "homage to the 20th century's most impassioned artistic statements and innovators." The trailer itself is dazzling, showing Blanchett's incredible range and ability to seamlessly transform herself into such hugely diverse cast of characters. Well, almost seamlessly—those razor-sharp cheekbones are a dead giveaway every time.

Manifesto was originally a multiscreen video installation Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image, but it's been reassembled into a 90-minute feature that will premiere at Sundance Film Festival later this month. It recently played at New York's Park Ave. Armory, and should stand out as one of Blanchett's career achievements.

Check out the full trailer for Manifesto below.

(Via Vulture and The Guardian)