What Your Favorite Couples’ Astrology Says About Them

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    by · June 10, 2016

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    The past few years have been thorny at best for Hollywood couples. So far, we’ve witnessed the unthinkable—Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale dissolving their 14-year marriage—the unavoidable: Khloé Kardashian finally calling it quits with Lamar Odom, and the WTF-able—Stefani getting her country-fried rebound in with Blake Shelton. Seriously, not even astrology could have predicted that random coupling (actually, it could it have), and celebrities are cuffing—and breaking up—faster than the speed of gossip weaving its way through the interwebs.

    Astrology’s patterns teach us to recognize the signs of compatibility and to focus our energy on flowing along the path of least resistance. But as we grow and change so does our compatibility—particularly when taking into account the waxing and waning of our rising sign’s influence on our personalities, along with all of our other planets’ signs and positions in our individual natal charts. Some signs grow better together while others grow apart, or worse, combust.

    Read on for how some of your favorite celebrity couples’ astrology breaks down.

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