We Celebrated Pulp Fiction’s 20th Anniversary at Nitehawk Cinema

by Taj Reed

And it was “some serious gourmet shit”more

One of the better cultural outcomes of the Great Depression must be the introduction of concession stands at movie theaters–and on an average day, we are forever grateful to the folks at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema for taking things up a notch and serving silver screen-compatible sips and chow out of their built-in restaurant. Quick rundown in case you aren’t already familiar with the concept: Inspired by the cult movies (and new-classics) that are gracing their theatres at that given time, chef Michael Franey and mixologist Matthew Walker build humorous, custom-made menus that reference the subject matter at hand (think: fried chicken and grilled cornrows for Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, or a ‘Dinner at Katz’s’ pastrami sandwich for Annie Hall.) So when Tarantino’s intricately food-detailed Pulp Fiction was at stake in the form of a seven-course Film Feast, we knew we were getting into some serious conversation between food and fiction. Synchronically served at the crucial nosh-accompanied scene in the film—Pulp Fiction’s own include the famous opening scene at Hawthorne Grill (accompanied by a mini Denver Omelette), Jules biting into his soon-to-be-victim’s Big Kahuna Burger (“a tasty burger” featuring grilled pineapple), and Mia Wallace’s $5 Shake (personal favorite, whiskey barrel aged vodka and dark chocolate milkshake)—one can’t help but think of the courses as synesthesia at its finest; in other words, what these scenes would taste like if they were edible (full menu here.) Film Feasts are one-off, and the end of Pulp Fiction’s 20th anniversary week puts a full stop to that menu, but we hear that next one up is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and more cult screenings in 2015. Come prepared with an open mind and empty stomach (honestly, the venue could consider serving less food.)

Words: Busra Erkara