8 Celebrity Couples Who Dress(ed) Alike

    Kissy kissy, matchy matchy

    by · April 07, 2016

    Surprisingly, celebrity love is just like non-celebrity love. Just like, say, you and us, when celebrities are head over heels for each other, they want to do everything together. They want to travel together. Eat together. Go to Disneyland together. Sometimes, they even want to build outfits together. What’s different about celebrity love and non-celebrity love, though, is when famous people do all these things—the good and the bad—there are cameras capturing every bit of it.

    Yes, when two stars love each other very, very much, they dress alike. Sometimes that works out for the best, creating unforgettably beautiful images. Other times, though, the coupled celebs create lasting, transcendent moments of pure badness. People, these are those images, these are those moments. Share with your significant other, and then head to your closets inspired and informed.

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