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9 celebrities share their favorite emoji


Thanks to emoji—our generation’s version of hieroglyphics—written language is slowly but surely disappearing. After all, why use a tried-and-true word when you can choose from multiple winky faces to get your point across? 

But despite the vast array of emoji to choose from, most of us use the same ones over and over again. And famous people are guilty of it, too. So, we thought it would be fun to see which emoji spice up our favorite celebs’ texts and emails. After speaking with them, though, it became clear someone over at Oxford needs to create the definitive dictionary of emoji because some of these descriptions are more confusing than deciding which laughing-while-crying face to use.

Photo by Larry Busacca

Zoë KravitzWhat's your favorite emoji?

I like the one that’s not really happy, but more like, Oh shit! That’s uncomfortable.

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Marina Lambrini Diamandis (of Marina And The Diamonds)

What's your favorite emoji?

It's the crying laughter one.

There are so many!

It's the one with the two tear drops. What's yours?

I like the little blue boy. He's cheeky


It's like sad/depression but cute. He's like,

Forgive me for being a shithead!

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Years & Years

What's your favorite emoji?


Oh, the poo! Although recently, I was introduced to the girl with the hand... 


The serve it up!


It could mean a lot of things.


She's great. Also, the nail one is good.


I like the one where they close their eyes.


There should be a scream emoji.


There is!

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Favorite emoji?

I love all the girls in the pink! I love using all of them. I’m always crossing my arms. I always have my hands over my head in joy. And I always have my one hand out going, “Whatevuh!” They seem so happy and excited. Those three have to be used in every text you use.

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Colette Thurlow of 2:54

What would your favorite emoji be?

The proud whale. I love that guy.

In what scenario does one use the whale?

I use it frequently! I just love it.

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Hannah Thurlow of 2:54

What’s your favorite emoji?


I love the proud sheep.


There's a proud ewe! It's a haughty look.


It crops up in messages for no reason.

I have never once used any of those!


To be fair, they're messages between each other.

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Maxwell Osborne of Public School New York

What would your favorite emoji be?

I actually don’t use emoji.


I don’t know! I guess I like language. I got frustrated with all the icons.

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Dao-Yi Chow of Public School New York

What’s your favorite emoji?

My favorite emoji is the one with two hearts in the eyes. Nah! I’m just joking. My favorite one is the embarrassed one with the guy showing mad teeth and has buggin’ eyes.

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Kandeyce Jorden, director of Girl

What’s your favorite emoji?

I like the clapping one! I love to clap for everything. It’s one big “Bravo!”