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    our favorite actors, musicians, and models share their guilty pleasure shows.

    by · September 12, 2013

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    In case you haven’t noticed, it’s September. And besides the fact that this means NYLON’s annual TV issue has hit newsstands (go get it now if you haven’t already!), this also means that all of our favorite shows are finally back in action. Throughout the month we’ll be talking TV-- which shows we’re loving, the stars we’re obsessed with, and even the trips we’ll take in order to relive the ultimate fantasy TV moments (hey, no shame!). But as much as we love critically acclaimed series and cult faves, everyone has a guilty pleasure show on their DVR. Yep, even celebrities.
    So we quizzed our favorite actors, musicians, models, and more about what they’re obsessed with. See their picks below, and chime in with your own. Holland Roden can’t be the only one who watches American Ninja Warrior religiously, after all...Holland Roden: “Mine has to be American Ninja Warrior, it’s amazing,” Holland Roden told us. “It’s a competition that’s based on a Japanese game show; people train for years to be on it, and there’s like, finger grabs and trying to get to the different levels.“The Jonas Brothers: Kevin Jonas watched all six seasons of Breaking Bad in a week, while Joe is all about House of Cards, and Nick is just waiting for Homeland to return. Iggy Azalea: Iggy Azalea binge watches The Nanny starring Fran Drescher because “she had the craziest, most gaudy, ridiculous outfits.“Taylor Momsen: Taylor Momsen is going to watch South Park during her upcoming tour. “I think Cartman is one of the best characters ever created on television,” she says. That’s a big compliment coming Little J.Liu Wen: Liu Wen loves America’s Got Talent. “People are always doing the weirdest things [on that show]!” she laughed.Jamie Chung: Jamie Chung is binge watching House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. “I feel like anything on Netflix is pretty good quality,” she says.Morgan Saylor: Morgan Saylor watched Breaking Bad before the Honor show last week. “This morning I watched episode 4 of the new season,” she told us. “I used to plan my nights around it, but I don’t have a TV anymore so I download them all on iTunes.” Molly Sims: Molly Sims’ ultimate guilty pleasure is Days of our Lives. “I love that, and those crime dramas on Dateline and also that show Who The Hell Did I Marry? They suck you in!“Nicole Trufino: Nicole Trufino loves Mad Men and Breaking Bad...and the occasional episode of Teen Mom. “I don’t really want TV that much, so when I do I want it to be something that I appreciate,” she told us at the Rachel Zoe show.
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