Chairlift Gets Timid On “Crying In Public”

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So far, all of the tracks that Chairlift has shared from their forthcoming Moth LP revolve around Greek mythology. (The music videos for "Romeo" and "The Boy Who I'll See Again" really paint the picture.) With the album's release date approaching, the synth-pop duo has shared a new track that leans on a different angle than the others. "Crying In Public" comes from a more personal and emotional place with a timid approach. The production is mellow while Caroline Polachek's charming voice channels wistfulness. In an interview with Rookie, Polachek explained that the song was inspired by the moment that she realized she was in love with her husband, Ian Drennan.

"The song was written about one of those moments that I think a lot of people have, not necessarily when they’re falling in love, but this moment where you’re being humbled," she said. "Where you’re sort of caught up in the bullshit of your day and there all these little worries, all these things you have to get done, and something so small all of a sudden wakes you up to the fact that life is overwhelmingly beautiful. Sometimes it takes a person to do that to you, someone who makes you stop and listen. So this was a song about that realization happening in public. It’s not necessarily crying in public because something bad happened, but the feeling of becoming very small and humble."

Moth drops on January 22 via Columbia Records. Stream the single, above.