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Chance The Rapper Is Taking The Fate Of Chicago Kids Into His Own Hands

Education for all

A few weeks ago, Chance The Rapper held a press conference at Westcott Elementary School in Chicago to announce that he would be donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. Today, he assembled a follow-up conference in Chicago at Paul Robeson High School to broadcast the launch of the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund in collaboration with Children First Fund and Ingenuity.

Since the last conference, the rapper has raised $2.2 million through his nonprofit organization Social Works. As a result, 12 more public schools in Chicago will receive a donation of $10,000. As stated on the website, "the fund will bring arts programs and materials to schools that have experienced a decrease in 5-year graduation rates, addressing their budgets, textbooks, and music programs." 

The program is projected to go into effect during the fall school year. (Your move, Governor Bruce Rauner.) Applications for the opportunity to work as Chance The Rapper's intern are still being accepted at this time. Rewatch the conference in the video, below.