Chance The Rapper Made A Music Video With His iPhone

Watch “How Great” it is

by daniel barna

Since Chance the Rapper doesn’t have the machinery of a record label behind him when it comes time to make things that typically cost a lot of money, he has to get creative. And if there's one thing Chance the Rapper is good at, it's being creative. Take, for example, the new music video for "How Great," the joyous, gospel-heavy track from his remarkable Coloring Book mixtape. 

The entire video—which features Jay Electronica, Francis and the Lights, and Chance's actual cousin Nicole—was shot entirely on an iPhone. Because Chance shot it sideways and upside down, the video begins with a flashing icon asking viewers to lock their phones in the upright position before the video begins.

In the lead up to its Thursday evening release, Chance took to Twitter to tease the video, which he said would be released if his fans promised to check him out at Chicago’s UniverSoul Circus. "I've been stalling, I want to drop a music video that me and my cousin made today but no one saying they gone go to Universoul Circus," Chance began. Clearly having a bit of fun, he then said he was stalling because the video "is so different from my other videos. idk if this is one of those videos everyone will love instantly lol."

Finally, he shouted out Austin Vesely, saying that this was the first video he's done "in a while" without the Chicago director behind the camera. Judging by what a blast he had, it won’t be his last. Watch the mobile device optimized video for "How Great" below.