Channing Tatum Sings In This New Clip From ‘Hail, Caesar!’

Is There Anything He Can’t Do?

by daniel barna

We know Channing Tatum can act. We know he can dance, too. And, after last month's mind-blowing fake duet with Beyonce, we now know he can lip sync. What we didn't know, was whether or not the polymath Tatum could carry a tune.

Until now.

In a brand new clip from the Coen Brothers' upcoming screwball comedy Hail, Caesar!, Tatum shows off his velvety vocals, while tap-dancing his way through a musical number pulled straight from an era when song-and-dance men like Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra were the biggest stars in Hollywood. Oh, and he does it all in a sailor suit. 

Tatum looks to embody that spirit as Burt Gurney, one of three young studio stars who must team up with Josh Brolin's Hollywood fixer Eddie Mannix to track down the missing movie star Baird Whitlock, played here by George Clooney. Joining them is an all-star cast that includes Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Jonah Hill, Frances McDormand, Ralph Fiennes, and Alden Ehrenreich. With the Coen Brothers looking like they're in top form, one of the most impressive casts ever assembled (that's not hyperbole! It really is!), and now a scene featuring the singing debut of Channing Tatum, Hail, Caesar! just skyrocketed to the top of our must-list.

Luckily we don't have to wait very long. Hail, Caesar comes out on Friday. Watch Channing Tatum prove why he's a real American treasure above.