Charli XCX And Japanese Producer Yasutaka Nakata’s New Video Is “Crazy Crazy”

Aptly titled

Charli XCX is still teasing the new album (and mixtape) that she’s been promising fans. In the meantime, we have this wild new video from the singer, Japanese producer Yasutaka Nakata, and harajuku stist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to hold us over.

The song itself is a cutesy, happy track with obvious J-pop influences. The video is a little more abstract. Thanks to some digital manipulation, different faces and brightly colored visuals are superimposed on the artists’ own visages throughout the song. Barely dressed ladies are also sprinkled through the video, for which we have no explanation.

Kyary discussed the video-making process with Fader, stating: “I hope everyone enjoys the weird world we created in this video! It presented a few challenges—it was very hard to perform only using my face, so I tried to vary my expressions as much as I could.”

Check out the video for yourself above. If anything, it provides some welcome cheer for what are fairly dismal times.