Charli XCX Paramore Tour Diary

don’t be too jealous of her selfies with hayley williams…

by rebecca willa davis

When we first heard that Charli XCX would be opening for Paramore during their recent UK tour, our initial thought was, "Best tour lineup of the year?"

But being the jaded New Yorkers that we are, we instantly assumed that it would somehow not be as cool IRL as it was on paper. Um, yeah, we were totally wrong. Because we had the Brit indie-pop genius document the entire thing for us, and judging by the photos and the behind-the-scenes video she took (we spy Hayley Williams!), it looks like it was one giant party.

Check out Charli XCX's exclusive tour diary below and in the gallery, but don't get too jealous--she's kicking off a major US tour later this month, and Paramore just started their own coast-to-coast series of gigs this week.

"Backstage at Wembley Arena, getting ready to go onstage."

"Hayley killing it onstage! It was so great to watch the show every night; she's such an awesome performer."

"Hanging out in the arena during soundcheck. It was so big in there!"

"Walking onstage...and feeling kind of scared. Went for a PVC-goth look tonight, ha!"

"Me and Hayley backstage at Wembley after the last show of the tour--and pulling our best Spice Girls pose."

"After the last show of the tour--I look like such a nerd!"