Charli XCX Superlove

“superlove” means chokers and candy stripes!

by liza darwin

We're all for playing "Black Roses" on loop and tuning out to Charli XCX's cover of BSB, but when the London singer drops a brand-new track and video, you've got to stop everything and listen. Yes, right this second!

This morning Charli released the video for "SuperLove," otherwise known as the first single off her sophomore album. Filled with flashing lights, ridiculous amounts of neon, and platforms galore, the clip is basically everything we love about her, wrapped up in one slick 3-minute package. See our top 5 reasons here, and watch "SuperLove" below! 

1. The musician's wearing a red and white striped minidress--candy stripers only wish they could look this cool.

2. Plus, she's sporting a matching choker, adorned with a little black bow. Need we say more?

3. The crazy-awesome Japanese setting. Flickering lights, crazy wallpaper...it's a total trip.

4. Two words: dancing robots. 

5. With lyrics like "I think your hair looks much better pushed over to one side," (coming from the reigning queen of the side-slip herself!) how can you NOT be obsessed?