pretty little letters

charlotte ronson debuts stationery!

by jennifer suzukawa-tseng

Remember your first love letter in elementary school? Scribbled in a sparkly pink gel pen and on stationery that your mom gave you, you proclaimed your love the old-school way. Nowadays, texting and emojis have got us covered to express our affection with mere taps on our phones.

But even though we may have outgrown our velcro Powerpuff Girls sandals, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't revert back to our little kid days and pick up that gel pen again. Thanks to Charlotte Ronson, we can do just that, but this time with an air of edgy sophistication. The fashion designer's debut stationery collection for Tiny Prints is filled with cheeky captions, bright florals, and tons lace. Meaning, these notecards are equally as cool and girly as the clothes we stalk on her runway. Take it from Ronson herself: "It’s personal stationery with a hint of wit for everyday moments – a personal touch means so much more."

We couldn't agree more. Skip the e-mail thank you note next time and check out the entire collection at