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    flushed cheeks on soho streets.

    by · July 31, 2014

    photo by jamie nelson

    The Curator: Haley Stark, Art Director

    The News: Daniel Radcliffe Plays Barber on Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Throughout my Harry Potter obsession era (ages 6–current), I’ve had a not-so-secret crush on Daniel Radcliffe. His guest spot on Extras? Loved it. His role in Equus? My teenage self planned to run away to London and see the play. This video of Radcliffe buzzing somebody’s head? I’d like to be next, please.

    The Look: Charlize Theron’s Shaved Head

    While we’re on the topic of buzz cuts, I feel obligated to mention Charlize Theron’s amazing hair (or lack thereof) for Mad Max: Fury Road. Part ’90s party girl and part total badass, her look has me dreaming of previous peach-fuzz idols (see Natalie Portman, Bijou Phillips, Agyness Deyn, and Britney Spears for reference).

    The Face: Flushed Blush

    In our August 2014 issue, we featured a model with neon powder glowing on her cheek and brow bones. Although I wouldn’t call it an “everyday, natural, I woke up like this” look, there is something youthful and coy about a dramatic pink cheek. It’s also the level of blush I’d achieve if I spot Daniel Radcliffe walking through Soho.

    The Inspiration: Burrito Love

    If you know me at all, you know that I’m obsessed with Chipotle. Not just a “cool, this Chipotle is close to where I work” happiness, but a head-over-heels romance that ends up with guacamole stains on all of my favorite clothes. Yesterday I spent a good thirty minutes researching the much-rumored “Chipotle coin” on eBay, and stumbled upon these burrito-and-chick-flick mashups. To be honest, they kind of just look like my everyday life.

    The Song: “Real” by Years & Years

    While I’m listing everything I go “full crazy fangirl” over, I might as well mention God Help the Girl. The forthcoming film checks everything on my dream film list: It’s written and directed by Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian, is set in dreamy Scotland, features lots of singing and dancing, and stars Olly Alexander (the lead singer/resident heartthrob of the band Years & Years). I’ve been hooked on their single “Real” for a good few months now, and I can’t wait to see him alongside Emily Browning and Hannah Murray on the big screen.

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