Talking With Cherry Glazerr About Their Latest Video And What It Means To Be Genre Fluid

“Deviance, sex, music production, sandwiches”

by Sage Adams of School of Doodle

Tomorrow, Cherry Glazerr, a "

fuzz-pop trio

" from L.A. who recently signed with label Secretly Canadian and have a pretty amazing new video out right now for their single, "

Told You I'd Be with the Guys

," will be playing a surprise New York show at an event for School of Doodle, a group which provides teen girls an outlet to express their creativity in all platforms. #DoodleDay will feature performances by Cherry Glazerr, an installation by Art Baby Gallery, and is put on in partnership with Femsplain, Do Something, and many others, for what promises to be an awesome, inspiring day. Below,

Sage Adams

of School of Doodle talks with Clementine Creevy and Sasami Ashworth of Cherry Glazerr about their music, and you can check out the group's latest video above. For more info on #DoodleDay,

visit here


Since you guys got your start a few years ago, how has the development of social media changed the way you make music and interact with your fanbase?

Social media allows young artists to constantly showcase their creative endeavors, which is definitely pretty cool. On the other hand, the instant validation and commentary from fans can be distracting in a somewhat negative way. 

How would you describe your music? A lot of people question what genre you exist in?

I would say, our musical genre parallels "queer/questioning." We're not really sure yet, and we're not trying to set it in stone anyway. In fact, were exploring all the ways we can be genre fluid and it feels so right.

So I noticed you have some really dope cover art, who does your artwork and how did you choose an artist?

We have a bunch of radical, talented visual artist friends who we recruit to do our artwork. 

As young artists it's hard not to let yourself be put in a box, or labeled, how do you all deal with making sure your image is your own?

You can't manage or make sure that you look some way for someone else. Because everyone is naturally, wildly different from each other, honesty and self confidence is enough. This is obviously easier said than done, but worrying about how you're being perceived is a waste of time. All that matters is making great music every day and having fun. 

Can each of you name your favorite artists (any medium) living or dead?

Cindy Sherman, Parker Day, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa.

Can you tell us a little about your latest video and how the idea came about too?

I wanted to create a visual metaphor for men taking up space; socially, politically, etc. We hashed out the concept with Riley and he did a beautiful job.

Would you say there are any key themes or topics you're interested in as a band? 

Deviance, sex, music production, sandwiches. 

What do your parents think of the band?

All of our parents are so incredibly supportive. We feel extremely lucky. Sasami's dad, "Captain Jack," loves Cherry Glazerr. He's definitely wondering how [Sasami's] French horn degree comes into play, but in general is a huge fan. Clem's mom has a weird obsession/fetish for sound guys, so she uses the band as a vessel through which she can interact and support the art of live sound engineering.

Would you say there are any key themes or topics you're interested in as a band? 

I'd say we explore the themes of food, sex, friendship, equality, pleasure, pain and how they intermingle—sometimes all at once!

School of Doodle's #DoodleWorkshop on Saturday 9/24. Come enjoy music performances, panel discussions, and the first-ever Workshop Shop! Entrance fee: 1 tampon (or pad), to be donated to homeless shelters in need. All info and announcements on FB event page