What Washington Would Want You To Do With Cherries For July 4th

    It’s your American duty to make these recipes

    by · July 01, 2016

    Photo by Brittany Bennett

    “TBH, I took a hatchet to that cherry tree.” —George Washington, 2016

    What’s more patriotic than a medium rare burger under a cloak of cheddar cheese slapped onto a paper plate printed with an American flag? Cherries. Whether George Washington took a hatchet to his father’s cherry tree or not in the 1700s, the red fruit has become associated with the first president and the virtue of honesty. So be honest with yourself this weekend and realize mom’s potato salad and the selective menu of meat is getting a little predictable. Bring cherries to the BBQ this Fourth of July.

    Conveniently, the fruit is in season during this month. Give it more credit than a serving bowl on the outskirts of the buffet table and incorporate it into appetizers, beverages, and dessert. Impress your guests with homemade lemonade, crostinis served on a silver platter, and a simple galette. I cannot tell a lie (TBH), the cherry offers a sweetness at a time when we need it most.

    Cook these recipes up and you might just see fireworks.

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