“chihuahua” by crif dogs

There’s hot dogs and then there’s Crif Dogs…

by Christian Lavery

Since there’s a hot dog stand on just about every Manhattan street corner, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that finding a tasty frank to sink your teeth into isn’t exactly a challenge. But if you want a different type of hot dog, a really good hot dog (and I mean really good) – than find it within yourself to bypass all those corner carts and stop in at the next level hot dog eatery known as Crif Dogs. Childhood friends Brian Shebairo and Chris Antista started the establishment in 2001, and since that moment they’ve been putting their own unique spin on the ballpark classic. You can order menu favorites like the bacon wrapped, avocado and sour cream topped “chihuahua” (pictured above), or go even a little bolder (as if that wasn’t bold enough for you) by choosing the “tsunami,” which adds bacon, teriyaki, pineapple, and green onions to a house frank. The list of toppings to customize your hot dog goes on for days, but if you do happen to be feeling a little traditional, don’t worry, a mustard or ketchup drizzled dog is available as well. To round out your meal, add some fries or tater tots, with or without cheese, and a nice beverage ranging from sodas to shakes to beer, and you got yourself the perfect little weekend feast. Check out their expansive menu HERE and pop in to one of Crif Dog's two New York locations to make your very own creation.