Chloë Grace Moretz Just Revealed Some Big “Little Mermaid” News

surprise, surprise.

Here’s a couple of nice tidbits from NYLON December cover star, the talented and sharp Chloë Grace Moretz. Caught on a red carpet by Entertainment Tonight, the actor shared a few updates on her turn in Disney’s upcoming live adaptation of The Little Mermaid, in which she’ll play the mermaid in question. 

First off, and this isn’t the totally surprising part, Moretz says, “a modern revisionist tale is what we’re going after." She adds, “We’re making it progressive for women in this day and age." Interesting and, if you think about it, totally par for the course given Moretz’s personality and interests. (We just hope we’re not running into Pan territory here.)

More interesting, when the reporter asked if Moretz would be dying her hair to match the scarlet red of Disney’s 1989 animated take on the tale, the actor answered, “No! I want red hair. We’re going after the Hans Christian Andersen novel, so I actually have blonde hair.” Hmph. Dunno how we feel about this: On the one hand, as others have noted, she’s not doing Ariel here, but the character from the original novel, so it makes sense. On the other hand…we just want that red hair. Regardless, we’re still very, very onboard for this one.