Chloe Howl

not your average teenage pop star.

by liza darwin

Unless you've been living under a rock and missed the whole Lorde thing, then we definitely don't have to tell you that really talented teenage singers are in the midst of a huge moment. And now, allow us to introduce you to our latest obsession, Chloe Howl. Just like the New Zealand songstress, the U.K. breakout star is young--she's 18 to Lorde's 16. But once you get past the girls' ages and their equally badass personalities, that's where the similarities end.

Howl has been bubbling around the blogosphere since late last year, thanks to her spitfire debut single "No Strings." (How she managed to stay under the radar for so long is beyond us.) The track is a no-holds-barred take on friends with benefits relationships, the perfect intro to Howl's sassy irresistibility. Think lyrics like "But fuck your no strings, And your 'hey I'll ring, But I'm, but I'm imagining things," which could've easily be lifted from any high schooler's diary. But peppered with curse words and twisted references, it's a big "f you" to haters that's wise beyond her years. 

She's smart and snarky in the best way possible--and this assertive 'tude is the foundation to her firecracker sound. Weaving a little bit of Lily Allen-meets-Pink vocals into some La Roux-esque beats, Howl's Rumour EP is loaded with dancey percussion and soulful pop melodies. We chatted with her during a brief break from touring with John Newman, and we had to ask: what's up with the whole school thing? As Howl told us, she's taking a break to pursue her career. "Basically what happened was I took my exams and then I went on a holiday, and during the holiday I ended up signing a record deal," she explained over the phone earlier this week. "I didn't expect it at all! I didn't think anything was going to happen, but the opportunity is just too good right now."  With a recently-inked deal with Sony Music in the U.K. and a new single "Paper Heart," out now, she's officially taking off. 

"I had just had quite a few writing sessions and was really tired, so I hadn't seen my own bed," she said of the new track. "I was in one of those moods where even things a month ago still piss you off. I wrote this song for all the people who had been dickheads to me, it's sort of my letter to them." The song might've been the product of a bad mood, but the effect is actually the opposite. The anthem is pure Howl, packed with spunk and shout-out-loud choruses--so whether or not you're dealing with heartbreak yourself, prepare to be addicted.  

After all, if anyone can turn breakup into a girl-power dance sesh, it's Chloe Howl. So get the party started and meet our new Band Crush below!