Chloe Moretz Laggies

chloe moretz and keira knightley are the indie dream team.

by liza darwin

Not going to lie, if Chloe Moretz came up to us in a parking lot and asked us to buy her beer (she is only 17), we'd probably say yes. Actually, scratch that--we'd say yes and secretly hope that she'd ask us to hang out with her after.

So needless to say, we totally relate to Keira Knightley's character Megan in the new movie Laggies, who meets Annika (Moretz) randomly and ends up becoming her new BFF. The only problem? Megan is way older, has a fiance and family she's left behind, and...um, ends up dating Annika's dad (played by Sam Rockwell). 

After premiering at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Laggies is finally making its way to theaters everywhere. Judging by the teaser, this feel-good indie flick has all the key ingredients of a must-see: an all-star cast of girl crushes, a compelling plotline, and a soundtrack that'll make you want to hum along.

Watch the trailer below for some epic feels, then mark your calendar for October 24 to see the movie in theaters.