This Leaked Video of Chris Farley Voicing ‘Shrek’ Will Break Your Heart

take a listen to what could have been

Ahead of the release of the I Am Chris Farley documentary on the funny man’s life, all kinds of amazing revelations about the beloved comedian’s career are coming to light. Most stunning to us is the video above featuring a scene from Dreamworks' Shrek where Farley voices the titular ogre. 

In an interview with Yahoo!, Farley’s brother Kevin, tells us that not only was Chris the original pick for Shrek, but had also finished almost all of his dialogue before his death in 1997. “Originally the Shrek character was a little bit more like Chris, like a humble, bumbling, innocent guy.” Alas, it’s a performance that for many technical and marketing reasons would never see the light of day.

Obviously, Farley’s SNL castmate Mike Myers would wind up voicing the big, green hero with a Scottish brogue that helped turn Shrek into a multimillion-dollar franchise. Still, it’s interesting to see yet another thing we lost when Farley passed on.

(via Consequence of Sound)