Chris Pratt + Jennifer Lawrence Go Hard In An Epic Insult Battle

Is there such a thing as too much charm?

by daniel barna

What happens when you ask two of the most charismatic and loose-lipped movie stars to sit in a room together and hurl insults at each other for 10 minutes? BBC Radio 1 decided to find last Friday when it pitted Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt against one another in the latest installment of "Playground Insults."

As expected, the Passengers co-stars held nothing back, as they flung cold, hard disses at one another with reckless abandon. Pratt was particularly vicious, asking J-Law how it feels "being in the stupidest Marvel movie?” and revealing that even though he once told her that she acts like Adele sings, well, it just so happens that he hates Adele. 

Lawrence, who could barely contain her laughter throughout, had a few solid haymakers of her own, telling Pratt that she "took two Pepto-Bismol” before their infamous Passengers sex scene. That's when Pratt decided to drop the mic. "During our sex scene, I felt your d*ck rubbing into me,” he fired back, leaving Lawrence (and the rest of us) in tears. We hope this press tour lasts forever.

Watch Pratt and Lawrence go hard on each other above.