Chrisette Michele Regrets Performing At Trump’s Inaugural Ball

“I apologize deeply for the people that I hurt”

Chrisette Michele did a dumb thing this January, which caused many people to swiftly dismiss the singer: She performed at Donald Trump’s Inaugural Ball. She was disowned by her family for doing so, and, to top it off, the commander-in-chief didn’t even take the time to meet with her. So, was it worth it? Nope.

“I regret everything that happened,” the singer-songwriter said while appearing on the radio show The Breakfast Club. “I think that was a bad choice.” She goes on to say that she knew Trump wasn’t a good choice for the presidency, but she wanted to stay optimistic. “A lot of times when you have a message of hope, a lot of times when you have a message of healing, you think—you know, maybe it’s a self-righteous thing, maybe it’s a mistake to feel that way—but you think, Man, if I just tell people everything is gonna be okay, they’ll hear me.”

She was wrong, of course. Everything is not okay. For one, Trump and his administration are messing with a lot of Americans' mental health. A survey, released just yesterday, found that nearly two-thirds of Americans listed the future of the nation as their biggest source of stress. Things are bad, and it’s about time Michele realized the error of her ways. “That stage, that message on that stage was the wrong time and the wrong place,” she continued to say. “And I apologize deeply for the people that I hurt.”

You can watch the full clip, above.