we adore our september cover girl!

by nylon

Growing up, there were few girls cooler than Christina Ricci. She out-swam Winona Ryder and Cher in Mermaids.  She scowled with Angelica Huston in The Addams Family.  She invaded Johnny Depp's Sleepy Hollow dreams.  And now she takes off in the ABC drama Pan Am, which marks Ricci's first foray into episodic television.  Obviously, that makes her the perfect cover girl for our September issue, which is dedicated, like always, to amazing TV.  Natalie Shukur interviewed Ricci for the issue.

Christina Ricci, on choosing a TV show.

"You know, some of the best writing is on television, and I have to say, I spend most of my time watching TV.  For years I've been saying I wanted to do television."

On vintage fashion.

"I asked my stylist: 'What's the rule from when something becomes vintage and not just, like, last season? Seven years, apparently.  So seven years later, I've brought out my Alaia dresses again."

On filming an episode in her bikini:

"In the end, there's only so much you can do and I'm not going to punish myself because I don't look like the average person in a bikini."

On Deadliest Catch.

"When would I ever know what it's like to be on a crab ship if it wasn't for this show?"

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Sweater by DKNY, hat by Anda + Masha

Top by Moschino, shorts by ASOS

Top by Moschino, earrings by Dandi Maestere

Top by Moschino, shorts by ASOS, earrings by Dandi Maestere, dog named Karen

Sweater by Topshop

Sweater by Topshop