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city find: chicago’s coolest zine shop

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Everyone has their spot. Whether it's a cozy bar with dim lights and hand-crafted cocktails, or a coffee shop with vintage copies of literary classics and cappuccinos to die for, we all have that once place where we could hide away for hours--yes, without our iPhones. Living in New York City, there are plenty of options for my spot. From Blank Cafe, to Mud, to Spoonbill & Sugartown, you'd think I'd be set with enough spots inside a five-block radius that I'd never have to leave NYC to find one. But, there's one place I like to hideout in that I think is definitely worth leaving The Big Apple for.

Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago is one of those places that provides hours of entertainment. With zines from local Chicago writers, to world-famous publications, this West North Avenue haven is definitely one to get lost in.

View the gallery to see some of my favorite finds at Quimby's, then comment below with your favorite global hangs!

Half Asleep by Kyle O'Connell and Beth Hetland

Quimby's Says: "More questions than answers in this issue, as 12-year old Ivy continues her secret plant experiments around campus, and her mother (also her professor) continues to push her toward excellence. What is Ivy's plant research all about? Who is the man with the rabbit mask in her dreams? Why is she lying to her mother about her dreams? And where is Ivy's father?" -NB

Moving Back Home by Vice Versa

Quimby's Says: "A series of statements on glassine, and narrative prints paint a picture of isolation after graduating from college. But by the end of the zine you begin to get the sense we're getting to a place in which a life can be rebuilt. "-NB

photo via jenn liv illustrations on facebook


Its Creator Says: "One day docile monsters attack! But one girl won't stand for it, not if she can help it ... "

Plant Feelings by Ashley Ronning and Sarah McNeil

Its Creators Say: "Drawings and thoughts about our feelings towards plants. Pink & green risograph cover with dark blue/pink riso on pink and yellow pages inside."

Living Things Series by JooHee Yoon Made by Little Otsu

Its Publisher Says: "The Little Otsu Living Things Series is a collection of mini art books in which different artists each explore one idea based around the theme of living things."

Chicago Haunts by Monster Songs

Its Creator Says: Chicago haunts issue one is the first of a series of zines with illustrations of places i frequent in chicago, il. it is 8 pages and includes the following businesses: Quimby's, Boiler Room, Ipsento, Empty Bottle, Devil Dawgs, Hoosier Mama, and Reckless Records.